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We are offering oiless air compressor and oil air compressors. Our compressors are some of the most silent and most environmentally friendly units available on the market. They are known for their durability, ease use, and low maintenance. In addition to supplying individual dental practices and tattoo shops, we have been a main supplier of air compressors for Duggan Institute of Dentistry in New Port Beach, CA. Given user friendly design, our compressors do not require special technical knowledge for operation. Another great feature of our compressors is that they are equipped with 3 air pumps which allows the compressors to be virtually fail proof. In the rare event when one pump stop working, it can be easily disengaged with a push of a button and allow the other two pumps to work, while the non-functioning pump is replaced. When our air compressor turned on, the pumps turn on sequentially, 5-7 seconds apart to avoid power overload. In addition, individual pumps can be selectively turned off when workload is not high. We providing a free technical support 7 days a week.
silent dental air compressor

Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressor

  • No oil smell
  • No moisture (Many dentist encounter oil smell and moisture discharge through the hand piece which is common with oil compressors) Our fully automated compressors will control moisture and self drain eliminating the for manual drainage.
  • Three piece air dryer system consisting of aluminum oxide beads, which is one of longer lasting and best air drying systems.
  • Very quiet
  • Low vibration
  • Diamond cut part for highest possible precision.
  • Light weight and compact design.
  • Up to 20,000 hour of operation
  • Multiple Safety features: protection from excessively high pressure, voltage, or overheating. Each pump is equipped with a radiator and cooling fan
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Automated stop and star control to maintain an optimal air pressure range.
  • High level of air filtration by double filters to ensure dry and fresh air output.
  • Each pump is equipped with a radiator and cooling fan to eliminate moisture.
  • Internal anti-corrosion coating to prevent unit rusting.
  • Virtually maintenance free operation.
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silent dental air compressor

Our History

Since 2000, we have been manufacturing air compressors for use in dental offices and laboratories as well as tattoo shops. The same air compressor can be used for a dental office and dental lab at the same time. We will evaluate your office needs and recommend an appropriate air compressor depending on your office size, type of procedures performed, and future goals. We can custom design and build compressor to suit individual office needs and space accommodation.


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